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Nicole van Zomeren

Nicole van Zomeren

Founder, AdDipAppSci Sports & Remedial Massage, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, One Spirit Independent Celebrant

With a passion for movement and dance, Nicole completed her Remedial and Sports Massage training in 2000 in Australia before moving to London in 2005. During this time, she has built a loyal base of clients with whom she addresses neuromuscular/musculo-skeletal imbalances, muscular tension issues and also facilitates rehabilitation and/or prevention of injuries. She utilises her skills and training as a therapist to provide a specialised treatment for each client’s needs.

Nicole’s years of international experience and additional qualifications in Yoga Teaching, Meditation, Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage, Integrative Fascial Release, Adverse Neural Tension, to name a few, are combined to provide the best treatment to suit the individual needs of each client. She is dedicated to assisting people bringing a greater balance to their bodies through soft tissue therapy, movement and through the creation of greater body awareness, ultimately improving one’s overall well-being.

Nicole will provide you with the tools to maintain your well-being, leaving you feeling balanced, enriched and relaxed, yet energized.



Our Aromatherapist

Natural plant remedies have been part of Cyrine’s life since she was a child.  In the French-Tunisian environment she grew up in, they used them to cure minor ailments and prepare healthful beauty products. 

Modern life is pressured and we develop all kinds of aches and pains, stresses and strains, so Cyrine studied aromatherapy because she wanted to help people heal their bodies, calm their minds and revive their spirits.  

Returning to her roots, she uses the natural power of plants to develop a range of products to help people take care of their skin without resorting to chemicals or invasive surgery. 

Cyrine makes all of the Zom Therapies Balms we use during treatments, and our clients love them!





Yoga Teacher

From her first day on the mat, Jo felt that being able to share the wonders of yoga with others was within her. Having practiced her love of yoga for many years, she finally took a break from her career in advertising and travelled to Bali where she enhanced her practice and achieved the Yoga Alliance.  Following her time in Bali, she established a strong flow practice for both men and women across a wide spectrum of yoga experience on the beaches of Sydney, Australia.

As a keen and enthusiastic runner and lover of all things fitness, Jo believes that yoga is the perfect complementary practice to many challenging physical activities such as running, cycling and swimming. It will enhance your range of movement, flexibility and strength. Yoga not only provides key benefits to the body, but also brings stillness to the mind, and if you allow it, touches the soul.  Jo truly considers yoga to be a unique journey for everyone regardless of your body shape, size, gender, age or fitness level.

Yoga should be as individual as the person you are.  As she knows all too well, the frantic pace of city life can at times leave us drained, where we are often too busy running just to stand still.  Failing to breathe properly and respect our bodies can upset the balance that should lead to a healthy, happy and fulfilled life that we all deserve. Jo’s classes will therefore enhance your physical yoga practice, and also encourage you to let go, surrender and indulge in time out – yes, time that is just for you.

Healing, Harmony & Balance

for body mind & soul

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I highly recommend Nicole for her expertise on the subject but also her focus on quality and care for her clients.” Dr Terry Loong


“(Nicole’s) is a rare combination of capability and caring has greatly improved the quality of my life. I simply cannot recommend her more highly.” Annette Porter


“The room smells of heaven it’s a place to breathe deeply, unfurrow your brow and rest your weary head and body.

Nicole is big on aromatherapy and today’s oil is an energising blend of lemongrass and eucalyptus, which is wonderfully soothing…

Olivia Falcon

TATLER Beauty Director

Balance and Harmony for Body, Mind and Soul

Our Services


 We create personalised ceremonies for your individual needs. From Baby Blessings to Weddings, acknowledging Corporate Milestones or honouring end of life.


Yoga combines postures that strengthen and stretch as well as meditations and breathing techniques. All woven together to create balance and dissolve stress and anxiety.


 Massage your worries away, improve circulation and promote well-being. Our balancing treatments nurture body, mind and soul. Raising energy or supporting sound sleep.


 Mindfulness and meditation are becoming more and more recognised. Their benefits proven in scientific studies, offices, schools and homes everyday.

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