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Personalised Ceremonies For Any Occasion

Ceremonies and ritual are part and parcel of humanity.

We work with you to create a unique and personalised ceremony for your individual needs. Whatever stage you are at in the journey of your life. You will be held in a deep space of listening, and we will work together to create a bespoke ceremony to mark your special occasion.

 Whatever transition of life; you may be about to welcome a new precious addition to your family with a Blessingway, or on their arrival, with a Baby Naming or Baby Blessing. Maybe a Rite of Passage through adolescence or indeed at any other age.

We create house blessings, help you celebrate corporate milestones, or milestone birthdays.

Sacred unions or coming together, like an engagement party, wedding or anniversary. Or even a sacred unbinding to acknowledge a relationship that has come to its end.

You may be the family of a loved one who has come, or is coming to the end of their life. We will take the time to hear how you would like to honour and remember them at their funeral, burial, cremation, ash spreading or memorial.

Whatever the transition or stage of life, there is a ceremony as individual as you are to be created just for you.

And between or to support any of these, a gentle, sacred holding of Spiritual Counselling is available for you, or your loved ones. A space to bring any or all of your feelings, thoughts, confusions, or indeed enlightened moments. Somewhere confidential to share your spirit or bear as much of your soul as you wish. A safe place to talk, to be truly heard and even to listen to yourself, your own wisdom and insight.


What Our Customers Are Saying

“A huge thank you Nicole for making our wedding ceremony so special!

So many people commented that they loved how personal the blessing was. Thanks for all your help planning everything to make sure the day ran smoothly.”

Louise & Nick


“Although I knew what you had written, the ceremony affected me in ways I hadn’t expected… many surprises.

I think I was able to feel more fully knowing you were holding the ceremony. It was beautiful. Again, Thank you!”

Richmond Holt


“I didn’t know It was possible to do

everything we wanted.

Thank you for helping us create such a beautiful and meaningful ceremony and many special memories that have helped us during this difficult time.”



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