Massage Therapy & Body Work

Zom Therapies Signature Massage

A unique blend of therapeutic bodywork techniques that nurture, stretch and decrease pain and tension. Promoting supreme well-being.

Remedial/Therapeutic/Deep Tissue  

Combination of massage techniques and postural analysis that focus on improving imbalances that cause tension and pain in areas of the body.  Walk away feeling like a new person.

Sports Massage

Pre- or post-event, injury treatment and/or ongoing maintenance to prevent injuries and ensure you stay at peak performance.

Relaxation Massage

Pampered with gentle calming strokes, combined with soothing oils, you will leave feeling relaxed and dreamy.

Integrative Fascial Release

Gentle but specific techniques that stimulate and relax the autonomic nervous system creating overall relaxation of the connective tissue in the body.

Indian Head Massage

Shiatsu and acupressure techniques to the upper body; back, arms, neck, head & face. This massage will soothe away stress and tension and leave you refreshed.

Thai Yoga Massage

This fully clothed massage is the perfect way to be stretched and massaged. Laying comfortably on a soft support on the floor its sometimes referred to as ‘lazy persons yoga’. Simply lay back and enjoy.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Specialised techniques that promote the removal of fluid build-up in specific areas of the body. MLD is particularly beneficial as a detox or for people with sinus problems, those prone to holding fluid in limbs, or swelling from injury or operation.

Benefits of Massage


Promotes well-being & body awareness


skin condition


circulation & flexibility


sound sleep


musculoskeletal system


immune system


scar tissue & stretch marks


stress & anxiety

“I highly recommend Nicole for her expertise on the subject but also her focus on quality and care for her clients.” Dr Terry Loong


”Nicole is one of many people I have asked to massage me, but her treatments are like no others.  Somehow she is able to reach the core of what opens up the whole body.

It is both relaxing and energising, as if whatever was blocking the flow has been released, and yet I was not aware of any specific place where the tension was located.

I can recommend her 100% for whatever you may require. She has quite a remarkable touch.”

Julia Williams, Life Coach


“I have had the extreme good fortune of being a weekly client of Nicole’s for over two years now.  With a deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology and keen sense of intuition, Nicole’s diagnostic skills are excellent and her treatments have enabled me to regularly push myself to higher levels of fitness.  Massage therapy has been a part of most of my adult life and I have never had a treatment to rival one of hers.

Off the table, Nicole’s recommendations on correct postures and movements, on rehabilitation and maintenance exercises (not to mention on foam rolling between treatments) are always spot on.  She is constantly updating her skills, and always looking to improve the service and support she gives to clients.

Hers is a rare combination of capability and caring has greatly improved the quality of my life.  I simply cannot recommend her more highly.”

Annette Porter


”Thank you again for the massage… I could just really feel that the muscles had been released after months….dare I say years of not being manipulated properly. Now I feel like I have a new walk, I can feel my hips moving from side to side (I never felt that before) my stride has lengthened and lower back feeling released.”

Ele Dalton


“Nicole, I happily share with you my gratitude for the fabulous treatment you gave me in Viareggio.   The feelings that I felt, the emotions that invaded me till they made me cry (but a quiet cry; relieving), made me understand, or better, to feel, how close your “soul” was to mine.  You don’t use only your hands, but you give all of yourself and we can feel that, it makes the difference…and what a difference!
Thank you Nicole, a hug.”

Vanna, Prana Therapist


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