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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Your massage has worked wonders on my ‘pregnancy hip’! Amazing”

Linda Jones


“I felt calm and peaceful”

Ingela, South Kensington


“I’ve been regularly attending Nicole’s classes at the Bhavan and I always leave them feeling reset, re-energised and ready for another week. The combination of Nicole’s knowledge, attention to detail, joyful and spiritual approach make the biggest difference and I’d recommend her to anyone.

Nicole has supported me around injuries and a few health issues. Tailoring her approach and focusing on areas that would help me whilst gently pushing me to achieve things I didn’t think possible.  Nicole is a marvellous yoga teacher, I love doing yoga with her.”

Gina Langton

Music Business Consultant, Public Speaker, London

“A huge thank you Nicole for making our wedding ceremony so special—it really was the best day of our lives so far!!

So many people commented that they really enjoyed the blessing and loved how personal it was compared to the usual church Weddings.

Thanks for all your help planning everything and making sure the day ran smoothly. We are now very much enjoying married life. Many Thanks again!”

Louise & Nick


“I highly recommend Nicole for her expertise on the subject but also her focus on quality and care for her clients.”

Dr Terry Loong


”Nicole is one of many people I have asked to massage me, but her treatments are like no others.  Somehow she is able to reach the core of what opens up the whole body.

It is both relaxing and energising, as if whatever was blocking the flow has been released, and yet I was not aware of any specific place where the tension was located.

I can recommend her 100% for whatever you may require. She has quite a remarkable touch.”

Julia Williams, Life Coach


“I didn’t know It was possible to do

everything we wanted.

Thank you for helping us create such a beautiful and meaningful ceremony and many special memories that have helped us during this difficult time.”



“I have had the extreme good fortune of being a weekly client of Nicole’s for over two years now.  With a deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology and keen sense of intuition, Nicole’s diagnostic skills are excellent and her treatments have enabled me to regularly push myself to higher levels of fitness.  Massage therapy has been a part of most of my adult life and I have never had a treatment to rival one of hers.

Off the table, Nicole’s recommendations on correct postures and movements, on rehabilitation and maintenance exercises (not to mention on foam rolling between treatments) are always spot on.  She is constantly updating her skills, and always looking to improve the service and support she gives to clients.

Hers is a rare combination of capability and caring has greatly improved the quality of my life.  I simply cannot recommend her more highly.”

Annette Porter


“I work in an office, staring at a screen and manage people and the office. On one particularly hard day my whole body was in knots and I had a tremendous amount of nervous energy inside me. In short there was no way I was going to get any sleep that night so I decided to see Nicole for a yoga session.

It was the best decision I made that evening! With every yoga position the hardships of the day slipped away. She was attentive and corrected and suggest more comfortable position for my body shape. Even though it was relaxing, she also included some challenging position to keep me engaged. Nicole is a great yoga teacher and I cannot recommend her enough.

I slept well that night, thank you Nicole!”

Kate Tse

Executive Assistant, London

“Although I knew what you had written, the ceremony affected me in ways I hadn’t expected… many surprises.

I think I was able to feel more fully knowing you were holding the ceremony. It was beautiful. Again, Thank you!”

Richmond Holt


“The techniques my husband and I have learnt, to give our son baby massage have been incorporated into his daily routine & allow us to spend beautiful quality time together.”

Karen Martin


“The room smells of heaven it’s a place to breathe deeply, unfurrow your brow and rest your weary head and body.

Nicole is big on aromatherapy and today’s oil is an energising blend of lemongrass and eucalyptus, which is wonderfully soothing

Olivia Falcon

TATLER Beauty Director

“As someone who has struggled at times with some Yoga classes, I was pleased at how accessible and rewarding her classes have always been. It wasn’t surprising to see so many members of the class rush up to her at the end.

She has a way of making one feel good about themselves and improving their overall wellbeing.  Through her warmth, compassion and technical prowess, she has the ability to draw one into her enjoyable and creative approach to yoga, never once making one feel intimidated. She has a way of making it feel like she is speaking only to you. Nicole is a highly skilled, perceptive and accomplished instructor.”

Pat Gross

Managing Director, Producer, London

”Thank you again for the massage… I could just really feel that the muscles had been released after months….dare I say years of not being manipulated properly. Now I feel like I have a new walk, I can feel my hips moving from side to side (I never felt that before) my stride has lengthened and lower back feeling released.”

Ele Dalton


“Nicole, I happily share with you my gratitude for the fabulous treatment you gave me in Viareggio.  The feelings that I felt, the emotions that invaded me till they made me cry (but a quiet cry; relieving), made me understand, or better, to feel, how close your “soul” was to mine.  You don’t use only your hands, but you give all of yourself and we can feel that, it makes the difference…and what a difference!
Thank you Nicole, a hug.”

Vanna, Prana Therapist


“Leading a hectic work schedule and active life I’m constantly putting my body under pressure. Sometimes its explicit through sports injury but most of the time it’s the pressure of the job taking its toll in ways I don’t even understand.

Seeing Nicole has made a huge difference to my body and mind, helping me release the pressure that I internalise and aiding the recovery time when I push myself too hard.

She has an amazing way of working out what your body needs and works with it so that it can heal itself! I’ve tried other massage therapists and other forms of treatment but Nicole is by far the most professional and experienced I’ve seen in London. Thanks!”



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