Mum & Baby

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Specifically for mum’s during and after pregnancy. Our treatments incorporate various styles and techniques depending on the needs and wants of mum-to-be during her stages of pregnancy.  Body, mind and soul are nurtured helping mum be the best mum she can.

Designed as a soothing and restorative treatment, mum-to-be lies on her side supported by pillows, towels and blankets to find comfort and a perfect temperature.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga

Practicing loving compassion for body, mind, spirit and baby during this sacred time through yoga is one of the best gifts for herself, as well as her growing baby.

Relieve tension and calm the nervous system with asanas and meditation, as well as physically and mentally preparing for labour with gentle movement and breathing.

As baby grows, yoga can assist the changes of pregnant mum’s body, encouraging better balance, strength and stamina.


Pre and postnatal massage and yoga help mum feel good about herself, and when she does, it’s easier to meet the needs of her precious newborn.

Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a way for both parents to nurture and connect with their baby. This positive bonding interaction not only builds trust but also aids with little one’s digestion. You will be taught some simple techniques to soothes moisturise and help relax not only baby but also you, giving the massage to relax with using the comfort of touch.


Our Unique Home Care Service

During the first months after your baby is born, we can come to your home and provide nurture and care for mothers and newborns.  This is the time for you to recover and conserve as much precious energy as you can after delivery and during this period of transition.  

We provide an individualised treatment package based on you and your family’s unique needs and considerations.  
A happy baby means a happier family, so as part of our package, we teach parents baby massage and provide treatments for both mum and baby.

Teamed up with some of the leading trainers, chiropractors, pelvic-floor specialists, acupuncturists & nutritionists we can take care of all your needs.


Are you about to welcome a new precious addition to your family?

How about a Blessingway to create an even more

meaningful celebration with your baby shower?

Or on your baby’s arrival a Baby Naming or Baby Blessing?

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I highly recommend Nicole for her expertise on the subject but also her focus on quality and care for her clients.” Dr Terry Loong


“Your massage has worked wonders on my ‘pregnancy hip’! Amazing”

Linda Jones


“The techniques my husband and I have learnt, to give our son baby massage have been incorporated into his daily routine & allow us to spend beautiful quality time together.”

Karen Martin


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